Settling in

Many of you are already aware of this, but after months and months of searching, a few failed purchase attempts and many tears, Adam and I finally found a house we loved as much as our beloved upper duplex and we moved a week and a half ago. We were not able to stay in Monkland Village as we had hoped, but we are still in our much-loved neighborhood of NDG and are settling into our new house wonderfully.

Now that we are done packing and almost done unpacking boxes, Adam and I have been able to get back to our much-neglected evening walks. We went out for our first on this past Sunday and I was struck by how beautiful our new area was in the early evening light, so when we went out again yesterday I brought my camera with me and thoroughly enjoyed taking some pictures of the stunning architecture our neck of NDG and neighboring Westmount had to offer. I hope you will enjoy these photos as much I enjoyed taking them. Oh and just in case you get some crazy ideas, no, our place is nowhere near as over the top as any of these houses. They don’t build houses like the ones in these photos anymore, and have not for the past 150 to 100 years, at least not this close to Downtown Montreal and not one of them has a tax bill under 20 000, I kid you not…


Oh Canada, my home sweet home.

Oh boy, it has been a while since I have blogged. Life has been so hectic in the past few months with wedding plans, family issues, neighbor issues, house hunting, trying to keep up with a new exercise regimen and not letting my house fall into complete disarray in the midst of all that, that blogging fell completely by the wayside. I do have a slew of photos put by though and am hoping to have the time to share them with you and tell you the story behind them in the near future if my life allows it. In the mean time I felt compelled to write today about what happened in the US election and how it has me feeling.

I, along with many Canadians, watched with varying degrees of horror and disbelief the circus that was the campaign leading up to Tuesday’s presidential election. I honest-to-goodness could not believe what I was seeing and hearing every single time Donald Trump opened his mouth. I have to say though, I was not shocked that Trump made it in. I groaned and hid under my duvet a bit on Wednesday morning, but I was not shocked, just disappointed. Why was I not shocked? Because I have spent a lot of time in the United States, especially over the past twenty years or so, since my grandparents retired down there. As a side note, my grandmother is getting the heck out of there. That’s the silver lining on this for me, Trump gave her the final bit of incentive she needed to move back to Canada. However, having spent a fair bit of time visiting my grandparents in the southern United States over the last few decades allowed me see the true colors of the country and they are not pretty and have not been pretty for a very, very long time. The level of social and racial inequality in America is staggering and far greater than anything I have ever seen here in Canada. Our country is not perfect, no country is, but the huge, huge difference is that here, no matter how poor you are, you can walk into a hospital and get treated and not go bankrupt and high quality university education is also far more affordable. Think of Canada with no universal healthcare and the best universities costing upwards of 40 000$ per year in tuition fees (add housing to that and you hit 50-60k easily) and the havoc that would bring about in our social structure. Yes, there are community colleges in the United States but I encourage you to read a bit more about them here and see that while they have some advantages and give the opportunity to get a higher education to students who could otherwise not afford it, they can also leave much to be desired.

The bottom line is, you cannot have a country with such major social inequality and not end up with a huge political upset at some point, which is why Trump gained such a massive following when he came in with his ‘Make America Great Again’ message. Give a disillusioned population someone to blame for their problems, ideally a group that is already marginalized, in this case illegal Hispanic residents, Muslims, Blacks and yes, even women and they will jump right on the bandwagon. If you think things are going to get better now that the election is over and Obama is saying that his first meeting with Trump was ‘excellent’, think again, read this and just look at Obama’s face in this picture:

Image result for obama and trump meeting

Does he look very encouraged to you?

This is what the gentleman looks like when he’s had a pleasant exchange with someone:





And one more with Trump:


Excellent meeting, my eye. Once again, let’s make this clear: Trump’s victory is not shocking. If you find it shocking, please get your head out of the sand and educate yourself on life in the United States. It is absolutely nothing like what you see on your favorite TV show. It has nothing to do with what you see in the movies. TV and movie producers show what sells. The ugly truth of 43.1 million Americans, that is 13.1% of the population, living in poverty (U.S. Census Bureau 2015) does not sell. Study education inequality and race inequality in the United States, look at how much health care really costs and you will understand how this happened a bit better and remember, even if the percentage of people living in poverty (they refer to it as ‘low income’ here) in Canada is roughly the same as that in the US at 12.9% (or at least it was in 2011, the latest census data is not in yet), we have far greater opportunities for low-cost education and universal health care!

The saddest part of Trump winning the election is that he will not be able to fix the rampant social inequality in the States. His racist, sexist rhetoric will only make it far, far worse. America’s greatest chance for greater social and racial equality was Barack Obama, but in this age of constant desire for instant gratification, Americans were not able to appreciate his efforts.

Polish Travels

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So, it’s been a while again and a lot has happened! In mid-June Adam and I were finally able to get away from the constant noise and dust of our downstairs neighbors renovation project and off we went to Poland, but not before getting engaged on June 14th! I had sort of been expecting him to pop the question for a while, but he still managed to surprise me and the proposal was so simple and perfect and romantic and so completely US! As many of you know, planning has been going full steam ahead and most of the big things are already dealt with. THANK YOU to everyone for your good wishes, encouragement and help so far, we love you all dearly and feel very fortunate to have all you in our lives 🙂

Now, on to Poland! We were very busy during our trip since Adam wanted me to see as much of his country as possible. We changed cities six times in two and a half weeks, beginning with Warsaw. We then traveled to Adam’s mother’s home town for a two-day visit with his family there before going to Czestochowa, Krakow, Zakopane and back to Krakow. My favorite place to visit was definitely Krakow. I love the architecture and laid back, small town feel of the city and also the fact that the entire historic center of it is pedestrian. A major highlight of Adam and I’s time there was being able to spend a few minutes alone in a room with Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Lady with an Ermine’, which is temporarily on display at the Wawel Palace while the Czartorinsky museum where it is normally exhibited is renovated. Pretty much every single person in Poland has seen Lady with an Ermine because it is a point of pride for Poles that they have one of the only completed Da Vincis in the world outside of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Since most Poles have already seen the painting and the country is not nearly as overrun by tourists as France is, it is incredibly easy to spend time alone with the painting if you’re willing to wait in the room a little while until it empties out. What a treat! Another must-see in the Krakow area is the Wieliczka salt mine. They have tours in several different languages, including French and English, but be prepared to go down a ton of stairs at the beginning of the tour and to walk a lot. One of the most impressive things you will see during your tour of the mine is its chapel which, as with everything else in the mine, is carved directly into the salt bed.

Another treat during our trip was our lovely, long hike in the mountains in Zakopane, barring a rather traumatizing episode when we ended up in a rather more challenging area than we should have been. Heed this warning: If you go hiking in the mountains in Zakopane, do not rely on the tourist maps, difficulty levels of the trails are not indicated and the locals have a rather distorted view of what is difficult and what is not since they have grown up in the area and are very proficient hikers and rock climbers. Czestochowa is beautiful as well and I absolutely loved visiting the Jasna Gora sanctuary.

As for the food, it is generally excellent and authentic. Do not go to Poland expecting to have an easy time finding sushi and Italian food, you will be grievously disappointed. Enjoy the Polish food, it is hearty, made with local ingredients and not full of all the nasty funk we have in processed foods almost everywhere else nowadays. You will wait for a while for your food anywhere other than in a milk bar (Polish fast food restaurant) and that is a very good thing because guess what? You’re getting fresh stuff made just for you! I was only disappointed by my food twice and both times we ate in a flashy tourist trap because we were starving and it was what was easiest to do. It can happen to the best of us, so just steer clear of tourist traps that seem to be full of Americans and you will be fine 🙂

The only downside to this trip was the language barrier. I have a basic knowledge of the Polish language and I still ended up feeling homesick about 3/4 of the way through the trip because I just could not process what was being said around me most of the time. Polish is a very difficult language to master (this coming from a girl who is completely french/english bilingual and has studied and done not too badly in three other languages) and even when you do okay in a basic situation, like being able to ask for the washroom or a tram line, you will end up being completely befuddled when trying to comprehend what people are talking about around you because there are so many different tenses and gender variations depending on just about everything under the sun, like whether you are referring to a table, a table with something on it, a table with something under it, or dancing on a table at your grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. I kid you not. I’m not saying communicating in English is an issue in Poland, everyone who works with the public in any capacity speaks very good English, but it is definitely a good idea to have some basics of the Polish language under your belt before travelling there, or make sure you have a very good Polish/English dictionary in the back of your travel book just in case.

All in all, I highly recommend a visit to Poland, it is a beautiful and authentic country, with plenty to offer and that is not, as with so many other European destinations, completely overrun by foreign tourists. It is also wonderful for travelers on a budget, because the country has kept its own currency, the Zloty, which is much friendlier for Canadian travellers since you can typically get about three Zlotys for every Canadian Dollar. Your biggest expense will be your plane ticket there, but once that is paid for, you will be stunned by how little you will spend on food, attractions, accommodation and shopping. Enjoy!

Spring and Summer beauties


Macro shot of one of my Hibiscus blooms.

Ah, Spring! It finally made its way to Montreal! Okay, you can’t really tell today because it is pretty darn chilly out there, but that’s the nature of the climate in this neck of the woods at this time of year: just when you’re convinced you won’t have to wear a sweater or jacket again until September or October, Mother Nature plays a trick on you and throws in a touch of April weather just to keep you on your toes! At least there are leaves on the trees, flowers in my pots and strawberries growing on my from deck though and I’m happy to be sharing these pictures of them with you! Isn’t it awesome how the pollen on the hibiscus bloom looks like caviar? I got a serious kick out of that! I also loved that I was out on the front balcony just at the right moment to snap a photo of this ant as he wandered around on my strawberry plant. I have gotten photos of butterflies, bees and other small insects before, but never an ant.

People often think that you can’t get photos of nature when you live in town, but really you don’t have to look too far, especially in my neighborhood which is full of parks, small front gardens and balconies that most people take a great deal of pride in. I honestly adore my part of town and wouldn’t move out of it for the world!

For more photos of flowers and gardens from Montreal and elsewhere, you can head over to the ‘Flowers’ page.


An ant wandering around my strawberry plant.

Two days in Québec

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So, you have undoubtedly noticed that I have been away for a while. We have some new downstairs neighbors and it has been a bumpy ride since they took possession of the lower half of the duplex in mid-March and began demolishing it in order to renovate it. A bumpy ride as in beyond the usual irritating consequences of a nearly hundred year-old house being gutted to the studs and rebuilt. We were expecting noise, dust and a few issues being discovered with our home as well, but on top of that we got work being done on common elements of the building without our permission, legal threats, express instructions that  only electricians cut wires being ignored and therefore power to sections of our home being cut, our alarm system being damaged and our phone line being cut. We were also treated to personal accusations and insults being thrown our way through the hypocritical medium of e-mail which led me to put my foot down and cut all ties with the neighbors except for requests for bills being paid or permission being requested for work to be done on common elements.With all this going on, to say that I have been lacking inspiration to create anything at all would be an understatement. I have actually been lacking the time and energy to get anything done beyond dealing with the mess being created by the new neighbors at all. The one thing that has been able to give me a reprieve from the confused heap our life has recently become was a two day trip to Quebec City we ran off on at the drop of a hat two weeks ago so Adam could attend a conference. It gave me a chance to spend some time wandering around one of the most photogenic cities I have ever seen, reconnect with my mother’s family history and disconnect from anything neighbor related. Oh, and Adam and I got to have a nice, romantic dinner in one of our favorite restaurants as well. We discovered it on our last trip to Quebec City two years ago and were so happy to be able to go back.

Quebec City is a beautiful little jewel of a place filled with colorful row houses and its oldest section is surrounded by the only intact fortified walls to be found in America north of Mexico which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The city is one of the oldest in North America and was founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608. While all of this makes the city exceptional in and of itself, it is the history of my family that always makes me happy to go back and visit it. My mother’s family has its roots in Quebec City and can be traced back to the 17th century in the area, so needless to say I always feel at home when I am there and love remembering all the stories my grandmother has told me about growing up in Quebec City. I love walking through Quebec’s narrow streets and feeling my family’s past around me. This was the first time I really had the time to photograph the city as well and my goodness did I enjoy every second of those two days.

Finally, I’ve decided to post only in English from now on to make life simpler for myself on here. One language to post in means it takes me half the time to get a post up which is a good thing. All the photos featured in the slideshow in this post will be added to the travel photography page, so if you want to get a close look at them, you can pop over there.


New York…much more than just a city!/New York…bien plus qu’une simple ville!

The Empire State Building seen from the High Line/L’Empire State Building vue de la High Line

As I mentioned in my introduction to my travel photography page, New York City holds a very special place in my heart since it was the city I traveled to on my very first trip away from home without my family. That first trip took place when I was in high school and I have since been back to the City That Never Sleeps twice, once in the Spring of 2002 and again in the Spring of 2014 with my Darling. My experience of New York has been completely different on each of my visits. My first impression of New York was that it was an overwhelmingly crowded, loud, busy and exciting city that was bursting with confidence after rising out of some very troubled time during the eighties. On my second visit to the Big Apple, there was a very hushed, wounded feel to it and its people since I was there just months after the September 11th attacks. New York was still struggling to get back to normal and traces of the attack were still clearly visible. Of all the sides of New York I have seen, however, my favorite one is the one I saw during my most recent visit there in Spring two years ago. The city was vibrant, clean and oh, so resilient. I smiled through the entire five days we were there because I was so happy to see the city I loved not only back to the way I had first known it, but better.

This post is not only about New York City though! So many people forget that there is much more to New York State than one city. New York also has some extremely beautiful countryside on offer and one of the best places to enjoy it, aside from the Adirondack State Park, is the nearby town of Lake Placid which sits right by the beautiful Mirror Lake. My aunt and uncle have been going there for years and not long ago, my brother and sister in-law got in on the fun and relaxation, so My Darling and I decided we had better give it a try as well and oh, my word…What a treat! We stayed at the pampering hub of Lake Placid, the beautiful Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, which features incredible food, a perfect view on Mirror Lake and Whiteface Mountain and we also had a wonderfully bubbly little brook right outside our room. Relaxation at its best!

You can find some more photos from my time in New York City and Lake Placid in the travel section and a few photos from Lake Placid are also on Déco Photo Plus.


Comme je vous l’ai déjà mentionné, la ville de New York m’est très chère puisqu’elle a été ma première destination de voyage ‘en solo’ en quelque sorte, donc à l’extérieur d’un cadre familial. J’y a ai voyagé pour la première fois au secondaire et depuis, j’y suis retourné à deux reprises, en 2002 et avec mon conjoint en 2014. J’ai eu la chance, lors de ces voyages, d’observer plusieurs facettes de New York allant d’une première impression d’un ville énorme, bondée, bruyante et excitante à une ville blessée et tentant tant bien que mal de se relever des attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Je n’ai jamais autant appréciée New York que lors de ma dernière visite par contre. Après une absence de plus de dix ans, j’y suis retournée pour trouver une ville qui vivait une renaissance incroyable. La Grosse Pomme était résiliante, propre, vivante et sereine comme je ne l’avais jamais connue. J’ai sourit tout le long de notre visite cinq jours tellement j’étais heureuse de retrouver la ville non seulement comme je l’avais vue lors de ma première visite quand j’en étais tombée amoureuse, mais encore plus splendide.

Je veux pas seulement vous parler de la la ville de New York aujourd’hui par contre, mais de l’état de New York aussi, car il est tellement facile d’oublier que ce coin des États-Unis abrite bien plus que l’une des villes les plus célèbres au monde! Non, l’État de New York compte aussi de merveilleux paysages et de charmants villages dont la petite ville de Lake Placid qui est juste à côté du superbe parc des Adirondacks. Ma tante et mon oncle visitent ce coin du New York depuis des années et l’ont fait découvrir à mon frère et ma belle-soeur. Ils en chantaient tous tellement les éloges que mon Chéri et moi avons décidé de nous y rendre à notre tour et oh, que de plaisirs! Le Village de Lake Placid est charmant en soit, mais la route pour s’y rendre à partir de Montréal est tout aussi agréable puis la cerise sur le Sundae de notre séjour: le sublime Mirror Lake Inn! La nourriture dans ses restaurants est délectable, la vue sur Mirror Lake et le mont Whiteface est sublime et les chambres sont incroyablements douillets. Nous avions même un charmant petit ruisseau juste à l’extérieur de notre chambre! C’est vraiment le coin idéal pour une scéance de dorlottage et de relaxation!

Vous pouvez voir quelques photos de mon dernier voyage à New York et de notre petit séjour à Lake Placid dans la section voyage et il y a aussi quelques photos de Lake Placid dans mon Portfolio chez Déco Photo Plus.

Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, NY

Four Days in Chicago/Quatre Jours à Chicago


About a month ago, my Darling and I started hitting a wall. This was more than your typical case of Winter doldrums, we had been in a funk for a while and when we looked back over the last few months, we figured out why. My brother’s wedding, an ailing grandfather, Christmas and all the hustle and bustle that comes with it…Plus, there was the fact that we hadn’t had a proper vacation since July. Yup, we needed to get out of town and leave everything behind for a few days. Where to go though? We thought about Boston because neither of us had ever been, but the price of a direct flight was ridiculous and the idea of getting a connecting flight to Boston from Montreal was just as preposterous. Normally we would have driven, but planning a six hour drive anywhere in Winter way ahead of time is not a good idea, not when you live anywhere north of Pennsylvania and especially not in Canada unless you live in BC. So we decided on Chicago instead. My Darling had been once a few years back and loved his experience, but I had never been and was dying to go after hearing nothing but good things about the culinary scene and the architecture. Oh and the shopping too, because I am always raring for a bit of shopping, especially in large American and European cities since they tend to carry clothing labels that we unfortunately do not have in Canada. So off we went and my goodness, did this lovely city live up to my expectations! The food was wonderful and the architecture was amazing, plus after a chilly first few days we were treated to two incredibly warm (by Canadian standards) days which were pure bliss. So please, dear readers, head over to the Travel section of my blog and treat yourself to all things Chicago from the duo of stunning glass domes of Chicago’s Cultural Center (one by Healy and Millet and the other, featuring the signs of the Zodiac at its center, by Tiffany), to the architecture and the famous and incredibly entertaining Cloud Gate, which I dubbed The Jelly Bean as soon as I set eyes on it. Enjoy!

Il y a environ un mois, mon conjoint et moi avons frappé un mur quelque peu plus tenace qu’un simple cas de blues de l’Hiver. Nous avons vite compri pourquoi en prenant du recul et en étudiant notre train de vie depuis l’automne. Le mariage de mon frère, un grand-papa malade, Noël et tout ce qui l’accompagne, pas de vacances depuis le mois de juillet…et oui, nous avions besoin d’un petit répit de quelques jours! Mais où aller? Nous avons d’abord songé à Boston puisque ni mon chéri, ni moi n’y avions été, mais le coût d’un vol direct vers cette ville était hors norme et l’idée de prendre un vol avec escale entre Montréal et Boston est ridicule. Normalement, nous serions partis en voiture, mais ce n’est pas une bonne idée de planifier un voyage de six heures en automobile plus de quelques jours à l’avance en Hiver si on vit au nord de la Pennsylvanie et surtout pas si on vit au Canada, sauf pour ceux qui sont en Colombie Britannique. Nous avons donc pri la décision de partir pour Chicago plutôt que Boston. Mon chum y avait déjà été et avait tellement aimé son expérience qu’il était bien enthousiaste à l’idée d’y retourner et moi je rêvais de visiter cette ville après avoir entendu que de bonnes choses à propos de la scène culinaire et l’architecture. Oh et bien sûr du magasinage aussi, parce que oui, j’aime bien magasiner, surtout dans les grandes villes Américaines et Européennes qui ont tendance à avoir des vêtements d’étiquettes que nous n’avons pas au Canada. Nous avons donc pris notre envol et Mon Dieu, que cette fabuleuse ville fût plus qu’à la hauteur de mes attentes! La nourriture était effectivement excellente, l’architecture sublime et après deux jours un peu frisquets nous avons été gâtés par deux jours incroyablement printaniers, un vrai régal pour une paire de Canadiens qui se gèlent le derrière depuis le mois de janvier! Je vous invite donc, chers lecteurs, à vous rendre dans la rubrique ‘Voyage’ du blogue afin de vous y régaler avec des photos de quelques une des merveilles de Chicago, en passant par le duo de sublimes dômes en vitrail du centre cuturel de Chicago (le premier par Healy et Millet, le deuxième, arborant les signes du Zodiac en son centre, par Tiffany), l’architecture variée et le fameux et très divertissant Cloud Gate que j’ai affectueusement surnommé le Jelly Bean dès que je l’ai vu. Bon visionnement!


Travel Photography-Photos de voyage

My late father’s stuffed dog, Mr. Puppy, on a dirt road in PEI, Canada- Mr. Puppy, le chien en peluche de mon père, décédé en 2013, sur une route de terre rouge de l’Île-Du-Prince-Édouard

I have not always been an avid traveler. I was never actually that big on it until the first time I went to New York City with a school trip in grade nine and had the time of my life, but the travel bug really bit me when I took my first huge leap across the Atlantic at the age of 25 and went all the way to Italy by myself. I cried like a baby on my way to the airport I was so terrified and my mom cried (and did her best to hide it) on the the front doorstep of our house as she waved off my taxi cab (sorry mom, but yes, you did!). I had never been any further than California before and had never traveled outside of a structured family or group setting, so my nerves were warranted. I had been dreaming of going to Europe ever since I was a child and everything I saw and experienced on my Italian adventure far exceeded my expectations. Since then, I have tried my best to go someplace I have never been before at least once a year and oh, how enriching it has been! In order to share my love of traveling with all of you, I have created a travel photography page which I hope you will enjoy. For now, there are photos from my three most recent trips to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, Prince Edward Island and Atlanta. More of my photos from Atlanta can be found on my flower and animal photography pages. I will be adding more travel photos just as soon as I can get them edited and watermarked, so check back again soon!

Sachez que je n’ai pas toujours été une grand amatrice des voyages. Enfin, ce n’est qu’après avoir pri mon courage à deux mains pour participer à une excursion d’une fin de semaine à la grande ville de New York en secondaire trois que j’ai commencé à y prendre goût. La vrai piqûre du voyage est arrivée quand j’ai fait le grand saut de l’autre bord de l’Atlantique pour la première fois à l’âge de 25 ans afin de passer 10 jours en Italie. J’étais tellement nerveuse à l’idée de voyager seule pour la première fois que j’ai pleuré comme une Madeleine dans le taxi et même ma mère, malgré ses efforts, a pleuré sur le perron de notre maison à mon départ (désolée maman, tu sais comme c’est difficile de me cacher quoi que ce soit!). C’était une grosse affaire pour une fille qui, jusqu’à ce point, n’avait jamais voyagé sans être bien encadrée pour un groupe scolaire ou sa famille de se rendre jusqu’à Florence et ensuite à Rome par elle-même, mais mon Dieu, que ce voyage m’a fait du bien et il a été plus merveilleux que ce que j’aurais pu imaginé. C’est beaucoup en dire puisque je rêvais de me rendre en Europe depuis ma petite enfance! Depuis ce temps, j’essaie de voyager à un nouvel endroit par année, qu’il soit près ou éloigné et je ne peux pas exprimer comment cet exercice est enrichissant! Afin de partager avec vous mon amour du voyage, j’ai créé aujourd’hui une page pour les photos que je prend lors de mes petites promenades sur notre belle planète! Vous-y trouverez pour l’instant des photos de mes trois derniers voyages à Atlanta (dont vous pourrez aussi trouver des photos sur mes pages de photographie d’animaux et de fleures), Las Vegas et le Grand Canyon ainsi qu’à l’Île-Du-Prince-Édouard. J’y rajouterai des photos d’autres destinations aussitôt que j’aurai fini de les traiter, alors revenez faire un petit tour ici bientôt!

New photos for sale at Déco Photo Plus-Nouvelles photos à vendre chez Déco Photo Plus

Red flowers after a Spring shower-Des fleures rouges croquées sur le vif après une averse printanière
Red flowers after a Spring shower-Des fleures rouges croquées sur le vif après une averse printanière

Déco Photo Plus accepted five more of my pictures to sell on their website, including one very similar to this one! Head over to check them all out and if you know anyone who is looking for some decorative photos for their home or office, feel free to send them over to my portfolio through this link if you think they would be interested in any of my photos, right now is a good time to shop at Déco Photo Plus as there is 50% off sale going on until November 3rd!

Déco Photo Plus a accepté a mis en vente cinq photos de plus dans mon portfolio, dont une très semblable à celle qui se trouve en vedette dans cet article! Je vous invite à aller jeter un coup d’oeil à mon portfolio (lien dans le texte en Anglais) pour y voir les nouvelles oeuvres mises en vente et de le partager avec des gens que vous connaissez qui seraient à la recherche de photos décoratives pour leur logement ou leur bureau! C’est un excellent moment pour faire un achat ches Déco Photo Plus puisque toutes les photos disponnible sur le site sont en rabais de 50% jusqu’au 3 novembre!