Prince Edward Island 2019

Oh, my beautiful Island, I simply cannot keep away from you…

In keeping with our tradition of spending time in Prince Edward Island at least every two years, Adam and I returned to my beloved, soul-awakening island this Summer. We went in July, which is later than we usually go and we were treated to an Island even more colorful than when the lupins are out in mid to late June. Lupins bring vivid splashes of color to the Island in late Spring but Summer blankets it in multiple shades of green, yellow and gold all mixed in with the blue of the ocean and the sky, the red of the cliffs and beaches and the lavender of the sunsets. I will admit that we weren’t planning on travelling this Summer but with the year we were having, Adam and I decided that a bit of time in a place so familiar and dear to us was needed. It helped us to ground ourselves and talk some things through. I have been struggling with isolation and solitude for months now, which are feelings quite common among women going through infertility and pregnancy loss, so while we were away, Adam and I began to talk about adding a dog to our family to help ease my loneliness. One thing led to another and our little golden retriever will be joining us in October. I am therefore very much looking forward to driving up to Prince Edward Island with her for our next visit and having her to frolick in the waves with. Because yes, Prince Edward Island is very dog friendly. The only beaches dogs are not allowed on are in the National Parks and even there the ban is only in place from May through October to allow Piping Plovers to nest. So perhaps the next time we go to the Island, we will give a Fall trip a try so I get discover more of my woundrous Island’s colors.

UpdateSince completing this post I have learned that 80% of the coastal forest in the western portion of the Cavendish sector of PEI National Park were lost due to the damage it sustained when the Island was struck by the remnants of Hurricane Dorian last weekend. The same area of the park also lost 2 meters to coastal erosion during the storm. I strive to keep this blog and my social media profiles as free of political discourse as possible, however in the name of my love for Prince Edward Island, a location that is extremely vulnerable to climate change due to the highly fragile nature of the red sandstone that it is formed of, I will ask this: please, vote in the upcoming election and when you do, vote with the climate in mind.

Our Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Honeymoon


Hello everyone!

Here, now that I am finally done sorting through our wedding photos, are some pictures from our amazing Maritime Honeymoon!

Adam and I were asked many times why on earth we would decide to go to the Maritimes for our honeymoon? Would we not rather go to some far-flung tropical destination with palm trees, a swim up bar and room service?  Uh…no, no, we would not. We thought about it at first but that’s just not us. Adam and I wanted peace and quiet and to be with nobody but one another for our honeymoon and you just can’t have that in a resort. Also, for the price we paid for our cottage for one month, we would have only been able to spend two weeks at the most in a resort. We wanted to go to a place where we knew we would be able to fully recharge our batteries, do things at our own pace and not feel like we were missing out on anything if we decided we needed to spend the day just loafing around at home. We both know and love PEI so it was the logical choice and we decided to stay near the Wood Islands ferry terminal so we could make a day trip to Nova Scotia, which neither one of us had ever visited.

In the end, our honeymoon was perfect and just what we needed. We spent the first week and a half taking things slow, napping whenever we wanted to and the third week we made our trip to Nova Scotia where we visited Halifax, Lunenberg and made a quick photo stop in Mahone. We came home tanned, much to everyone’s surprise (hello, beautiful PEI beaches!), rested and blissfully happy. So, when planning your honeymoon, do not be afraid to think outside the box. Honeymoons do not have to involve sunny, tropical destinations. They can also be built around going back to a place you love or around an activity you love.The main thing is, make sure you can relax during your trip and do not feel the need to leave 24 hours after you walk down the aisle. Even though weddings are a blast and you come through them on a massive high, they are stressful and once you come down off your adrenaline rush, all you will want to do is sleep and lie around in your PJs for a few days and we really appreciated being able to do that for a week before we had to spend a day and a half driving to the Island.

Finally, here is a list of the most romantic things to do in PEI:

1- Sunset beach walks

2- Having dinner at the Point Prim Chowder House at sunset

3- Dinner at Dalvay by the sea

4- Indulging in an ice cream cone from Cow’s while strolling through Charlottetown in the evening

5- Enjoy a walk through the PEI Preserve Company’s Gardens of Hope

I hope you all enjoy the photos from our trip, I’m so glad I finally had the time to get on here and share with all of you!



Travel Photography-Photos de voyage

My late father’s stuffed dog, Mr. Puppy, on a dirt road in PEI, Canada- Mr. Puppy, le chien en peluche de mon père, décédé en 2013, sur une route de terre rouge de l’Île-Du-Prince-Édouard

I have not always been an avid traveler. I was never actually that big on it until the first time I went to New York City with a school trip in grade nine and had the time of my life, but the travel bug really bit me when I took my first huge leap across the Atlantic at the age of 25 and went all the way to Italy by myself. I cried like a baby on my way to the airport I was so terrified and my mom cried (and did her best to hide it) on the the front doorstep of our house as she waved off my taxi cab (sorry mom, but yes, you did!). I had never been any further than California before and had never traveled outside of a structured family or group setting, so my nerves were warranted. I had been dreaming of going to Europe ever since I was a child and everything I saw and experienced on my Italian adventure far exceeded my expectations. Since then, I have tried my best to go someplace I have never been before at least once a year and oh, how enriching it has been! In order to share my love of traveling with all of you, I have created a travel photography page which I hope you will enjoy. For now, there are photos from my three most recent trips to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, Prince Edward Island and Atlanta. More of my photos from Atlanta can be found on my flower and animal photography pages. I will be adding more travel photos just as soon as I can get them edited and watermarked, so check back again soon!

Sachez que je n’ai pas toujours été une grand amatrice des voyages. Enfin, ce n’est qu’après avoir pri mon courage à deux mains pour participer à une excursion d’une fin de semaine à la grande ville de New York en secondaire trois que j’ai commencé à y prendre goût. La vrai piqûre du voyage est arrivée quand j’ai fait le grand saut de l’autre bord de l’Atlantique pour la première fois à l’âge de 25 ans afin de passer 10 jours en Italie. J’étais tellement nerveuse à l’idée de voyager seule pour la première fois que j’ai pleuré comme une Madeleine dans le taxi et même ma mère, malgré ses efforts, a pleuré sur le perron de notre maison à mon départ (désolée maman, tu sais comme c’est difficile de me cacher quoi que ce soit!). C’était une grosse affaire pour une fille qui, jusqu’à ce point, n’avait jamais voyagé sans être bien encadrée pour un groupe scolaire ou sa famille de se rendre jusqu’à Florence et ensuite à Rome par elle-même, mais mon Dieu, que ce voyage m’a fait du bien et il a été plus merveilleux que ce que j’aurais pu imaginé. C’est beaucoup en dire puisque je rêvais de me rendre en Europe depuis ma petite enfance! Depuis ce temps, j’essaie de voyager à un nouvel endroit par année, qu’il soit près ou éloigné et je ne peux pas exprimer comment cet exercice est enrichissant! Afin de partager avec vous mon amour du voyage, j’ai créé aujourd’hui une page pour les photos que je prend lors de mes petites promenades sur notre belle planète! Vous-y trouverez pour l’instant des photos de mes trois derniers voyages à Atlanta (dont vous pourrez aussi trouver des photos sur mes pages de photographie d’animaux et de fleures), Las Vegas et le Grand Canyon ainsi qu’à l’Île-Du-Prince-Édouard. J’y rajouterai des photos d’autres destinations aussitôt que j’aurai fini de les traiter, alors revenez faire un petit tour ici bientôt!